We offer programs and services for children, teens, adults, and veterans that cover a wide-range of disabilities-physical, emotional, developmental, and learning. Most programs are free or greatly subsidized. Below is a brief overview of our programs:

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True is a new initiative that focuses on the specific needs of participants. It begins by talking and surveying each participant before they participate in one of our programs. We ask them about their goals and objectives. We ask them about their dreams and aspirations. We discover what sports, recreational, or artistic activities they want to learn or do. We then engage the resources of Sun Valley Adaptive Sports, volunteers, businesses, professionals, and the community to make their dreams come true—no matter what it takes! 


Higher Ground (winter and summer)

This program serves recently injured American veterans who served in Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts. The purpose of Higher Ground is to make a healthy, positive, and lifelong impact on the rehabilitation of veterans. It's also to help veterans integrate back into their communities. We introduce veterans to, or reacquaint them with, alpine skiing, Nordic skiing, sled hockey, fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, cycling, and other Sun Valley activities using experienced coaches and recreational therapists. 

We believe veterans will experience a healthier and more rapid recovery through outdoor recreation. We hope each veteran returns home from Higher Ground excited to share his or her experiences with family, veterans, and people with disabilities.

Fresh Tracks - Skiing, Snowboarding, and Nordic skiing (winter)

This program serves students with disabilities of Blaine County Schools and local youth. It also serves youth who visit from out of town. The purpose of Fresh Tracks is to provide one-on-one instruction to increase participant's skiing and snowboarding ability to a level where they can ski and snowboard with able-bodied peers anywhere on the mountain. Lessons are held once a week for four weeks. The program also includes Nordic skiing.

PACK - Peak Adventure Camp for Kids (summer)

This program serves local children and teens with disabilities. The purpose of PACK is to provide local recreational activities, so participants can enjoy summer activities without having to travel to camps outside the county. Local professionals offer time and instruction in the areas of pottery, martial arts, tennis, biking, rafting, and various other activities at free or reduced prices. Program activities improve gross and fine motor skills. PACK also offers daily activities and interaction with able-bodied peers. PACK runs five days a week for 12 weeks.

BLAST - Blaine County After School Team (fall and spring)

This after school program serves schoolchildren and teens with disabilities. The purpose of BLAST is to provide fun, stress-relieving activities for participants who've just finished a long, hard day at school. BLAST keeps participants engaged in activities while their able-bodied peers play team sports or attend club activities. Program activities include swimming, theatre, biking, tennis, pottery, yoga, and indoor rock climbing. BLAST will run 5 days a weeks for 10 weeks during spring and fall.

Teens on the Town (fall and spring)

This program serves teens (13-18) with disabilities. The purpose of Teens on the Town is to help teens develop physical and social skills through adaptive sports and recreation. Another program objective is to help teens develop self-esteem and confidence by combining new skills with social-growth activities. Program activities include bowling, walking Animal Shelter dogs, movies, local theatre performances, pizza nights, game nights, and more. Teens on the Town meets once a week in the evening.

Get Out and Go! (year round)

This program serves local adults with MS and other physical or developmental disabilities. The purpose of Get Out and Go! is to create a fun environment to help adults develop physical and social skills through adaptive sports and recreation. Another program objective is to help adults develop self-confidence by combining new skills with social-growth and cultural activities. Activities include skiing, nature walks, bowling, walking Animal Shelter dogs, movies, theatre performances, theme dinners, gallery walks, game nights, and more. Get Out and Go! meets once a month in the evening.

Nordic Development Camp (winter)

This program serves elite athletes of all ages. The purpose of the Nordic Development Camp is to recruit elite athletes with disabilities and train them to compete for spots on the U.S. Disabled Nordic Ski Team. Another program objective is to create ambassadors for the sport of Nordic skiing. The camp includes daily clinics, video sessions, dry-land training, presentations, and downtime for socializing and fun. Coaches include former and present USDST coaches and athletes, and guest coaching by current members of the National Team.

Rink Rats-Sled Hockey (winter)

Children and adults have a chance to use one of our 10 hockey sleds at a local outdoor ice rink as part of our Fresh Tracks programming. These high-performance hockey sleds offer fun and smiles to all.

"We Share" Cycles (spring thru fall)

Our high-performance adaptive bicycles and tricycles are available for private use at no charge. If needed, a therapist or assistant is available to offer instruction or assistance.

Intern Program (year round)

Our certified recreational therapist will work with any university or college program in meeting the requirements for a student to complete their Recreational Therapy degree by interning with one of our programs. We can also accommodate interns of other disciplines.

Future Plans In the coming year, we plan to host a one-day ski camp for children with cancer (Rainbow Gold); host a one-day ski camp for children from the Idaho School of the Deaf and Blind; expand services and activities for our veteran's program Higher Ground; host a full-time summer intern to help with our summer camp program PACK; double our volunteer base; host a fund-raising event; increase public relations efforts through public speaking engagements; and much more!


Sun Valley Adaptive Sports is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We began operations in 1999 and have been a chapter member of Disabled Sports USA ever since. We have six paid staff positions: an executive director, a program director (CTRS), a recreational therapist (CTRS), a program/volunteer coordinator, a part-time office administrator, and a part-time bookkeeper.

Future plans

During the last two years, SVAS underwent tremendous growth (300%). During this next fiscal year (May-April), SVAS plans to digest this growth by refining many of the structures that support programming, operations, and fundraising. The objective for SVAS is long-term sustainability—for participants and the organization. Some of our goals include improving the impact our programs have on people’s lives and in the community; increasing public awareness through local speaking engagements; deepening our relationships with our partners, and hosting a signature fundraising event.